Let me help you. My name is David Webb and I help coaches grow their kids classes.
I am a 1st degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Mauricio Gomes, a black belt in Judo with the British Judo Association and a second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate under the Japan Karate Association. I’ve have been training martial arts since 1991, been involved in coaching children since 1998 and since 2000 been the head coach of Bedfordshire’s leading martial arts academy – the Tōukon Academy.
I’ve spent years coaching, made a tonne of mistakes and lost hundreds of students as a result. Nevertheless; I now believe, in fact I know, that after all those years of misunderstanding and a lack of guidance I have perfected a series of strategies and focused routines key to developing and sustaining a fully functioning program dedicated to children and I’d like to share them with you.
In 2011 I began implementing these systems across several initiatives to strategically align my academy and ensure I governed a unique position across a number of niche market areas. Throughout this time I refined and condensed my knowledge and understanding into a focused formula that I now deliver weekly to over 200 children across a number of highly successful initiatives.
This knowledge has been pooled into one resourced-based e-learning environment specifically designed to help other coaches up-scale their own product and services, generate more traffic to their website and academy, increase leads and sales through social media marketing, understand the necessary agencies to be involved with to boost market potential and structure an age-specific curriculum to benefit a target market.
The articles contained herein shall provide you with the insights required to do all of the above and more and whether you choose to devote your time to the free material or indeed do invest into the Classes Accelerator Programme you are sure to grow your kids classes massively.


I have come to understand that if growing a martial arts programme specifically designed for children is your prime concern there are a set of five essential elements that should be recognised, reviewed and refined.
Without concentrating your efforts on instilling these elements into your focus and constantly looking to improve upon each one, you shall ultimately fall short as an expert service provider thus, giving rise to alternatives and substitutes from both within and outside of your niche market.
Once you understand the five essential elements, how they factor and relate to each other and comprehend how important they are in the functioning and success of your kids classes, you will be fully enabled to go from zero to launch and beyond. provides you, the reader, with the framework of success – an easy to follow guide that literally thin slices five principled concepts that will grow your kids classes. Read the insights, learn from the problems I have encountered, the mistakes I have made and implement the actionable steps I present and I guarantee you will indeed Grow Your Kids Classes.